Prayers at Winter Time



I think it has become quite apparent that Winter is well and truly upon us with some people even waking up to flurries of snow this morning! Below are a number of prayers that can be used within the classroom to acknowledge the season of Winter and all it has to offer us…apart from possible frostbite! 🙂



Beauty Of Winter

“God of creation, thank you for the beauty of winter- for snow, icy window panes, evergreen trees, warm coats, sledding, and hot cocoa. Let us enjoy Your creation in all its glory, this winter and always. Amen.”

Road Safety

“God of safety, keep me and my loved ones safe on icy roads. Help me pay attention and drive cautiously. Grant me energy and patience if the drive takes longer than usual. Keep me warm and safe from harm. Be with me, be with me, be with me, in Your loving and precious name. Amen.”

Recovering From Winter Illness

“God of power and might, be with [insert person’s name] as he/she recovers from a winter illness. Warm him/her in the light of Your love, that he/she might find the time, rest, and treatment to feel better soon. Remind [insert person’s name] that he/she is Your beloved child and that You are with him/her during this illness, and always. Amen.”


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