Universal Children’s Day November 20th 2013

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Today is Universal Children’s Day which is celebrated and promoted by UNICEF on November 20th each year since 1954. UNICEF created Universal Children’s Day in order to promote worldwide awareness and understanding of children and their rights from all corners of the earth.

childrens day

The Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) puts forward a number of important provisions that outline civil rights and freedoms, family environment, basic health and welfare, education, leisure and cultural activities and special protection measures.

There are a number of ‘foundation principles’ that shape children’s rights. These include: non-discrimination; best interests of the child; right to survival and development; and views of the child.

  • Non-discrimination means that all children have the same right to develop their potential — all children, in all situations, all of the time, everywhere
  • The best interests of the child must be “a primary consideration” in all actions and decisions concerning her or him, and must be used to resolve confusion between different rights
  • The right to survival and development underscores the vital importance of ensuring access to basic services and to equity of opportunity for children to achieve their full development
  • The views of the child means that the voice of children must be heard and respected in all matters concerning their rights

The following websites will provide additional information about Universal Children’s Day and the rights of children across the world and in Ireland.




universal childrens day

The below videos are excellent resources to use in the classroom when teaching about the rights of children and the significance of Universal Children’s Day.


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