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My name is Christina Doyle and I am a newly qualified teacher from the sunny southeast of Ireland. I am a qualified Religion and History (also S.P.H.E. and C.S.P.E.) teacher having graduated from Mater Dei Institute of Education in 2013. Also, I have just completed my MA studies in Religion and Education – Post Primary in Mater Dei Institute of Education in September 2014. I am currently an unemployed NQT within the teaching world however I know that this is only a temporary existence and when the right place and right time pops up so will the job that is right for me. However that is not to say that I am sitting here waiting for the job to come to me but rather I am trying to be proactive in getting myself to the job! I am applying for teaching positions on daily basis countrywide, volunteering my services to schools in the hopes of gaining more classroom experience, trying to stay upto date with world news and events, researching resources for Religious Education and History and simply trying to get my name out positively in the educational world.

This blog was originally created as part of one of my Masters modules called ‘Teaching with Web 2.0’ but I have chosen to continue using it as a means of sharing educational, spiritual and historical articles, facts and fun for fellow NQTs, fellow educators and anyone else who has the same interests as myself. I hope anyone who drops by this blog leaves having learnt something new, with a smile on their face and a little extra inspiration and warmness within their hearts. 🙂

Feel free to follow me through the blog or on twitter (https://twitter.com/5j2014MissDoyle)  and to leave comments on any of the articles that catch your eye! 🙂

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