World Kindness Day 2013

world kindness day

As I was driving this morning I heard on the radio that today, 13th November is World Kindness Day 2013. I decided I would do some research on World Kindness Day and the efforts made by people around the world who take inspiration from the principles of this day. It turns out that this day was created back in 1998 by means of the World Kindness Movement seeking acts of kindness no matter how big or how small from every person in every country in the world. Sometimes in the madness of everyday life when you feel as though you have a list as long as your arm to do and not enough hours in the day to do it we can forget that we are not the only ones coping with the daily struggle of life. We should be kind to everyone we meet because what we may see as a struggle in our lives could be seen as a blessing in the life of another. We should not dwell on what we do not have but rather feel blessed for what we have been given. It is only when we are kind to ourselves and show love to ourselves that we can understand the meaning of showing kindness and love to others. This means that we should enter into kindness selflessly without expectation of reward or thanks but with the willingness to help others wholeheartedly and for the good of the person in need. Once kindness is undertaken with this outlook we are able to find peace within ourselves for our kind actions. Kindness can teach us to appreciate what we already have and the people around us because sometimes we forget that…

human race

Not sure what act of kindness you can take part in today? For everyday kindness inspiration watch the below video. 🙂

The next video below shows us the 2013 Kindness Challenge Winner. Her name is Hannah Brencher and she came up with the idea that the world ‘Needs More Love Letters’. This concept is truly inspiring and if I am completely honest almost moved me to tears this morning! Nobody deserves to feel alone in this big wide world of 7 billion people but the truth is some if not all of us have felt this way at some point in our lives maybe even more than once. Hannah’s idea asks us for a couple of moments each day to let the gift of words that we have been given speak through pen and paper instead of the keyboards of our computers to tell those who just need to know they are loved and appreciated exactly that. As I have said already in this post we are all dealing with the struggle of daily life but maybe it is about time we started to show love to others in this struggle because at the end of the day we are all in this life only once but always together. 

The World Needs More Love Letters Website:



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