New Religious Movements: Scientology Documentaries

I took part in a New Religious Movements module in Third year and it proved to be an excellent insight into not only the movements themselves but also the resources that can be used to teach senior cycle students the topic of New Religious Movements. We were introduced to an excellent website called Dialogue Ireland which provides an index listing of a variety of New Religious Movements some of which in the past and presently exist in Ireland. Within each New Religious Movement category a vast amount of information, resources and links can be found for further study by teachers and students alike. During my final teaching practice in January 2013 I was given the opportunity to teach Fifth and Sixth Years this topic and the following two documentaries proved particularly interesting to the students and provided a brilliant base upon which class discussion and group work could emerge.

The links below provide guidance around the Dialogue Ireland website as well as links to both documentaries. I found it easiest to use Dialogue Ireland as a means of showing these documentaries to students as each documentary is broken down into parts meaning you don’t have to show the entire documentary but rather points of interest necessary for class understanding, group work or discussion. 🙂



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