Hello October…

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A new month has begun and I’ve realised this is actually my favourite month of the year!

October is a month that signals both the presence of Autumn which September seems to lack as it desperately hangs on to Summer (especially when everyone is starting back in school/college!) and also the beginnings of Winter which November seems to land us with before we’ve even had time to buy a hat, scarf, gloves, winter coat and boots which we knew and reminded ourselves of time and time again have been on sale in Penneys since mid-July! It displays Autumn in full swing as the leaves begin to change colour and we know longer find them on the trees but rather crunching beneath our feet as we hustle and bustle along in our hectic daily lives. However there is also enough bite in the air to warn us that Winter is only around the corner which could mean anything from rain, hail, snow or another Indian Summer if Ireland’s last few years are anything to go by!

My favourite thing about October is hands down the colours it brings us from deep purples to rich burgundy and forest greens. It seems everywhere you look is awash with these fabulous colours from the trees and leaves covered streets to the cosy knitwear and chunky scarves, hats and even mittens making an appearance on the shelves! 🙂


October is also the time of year when students find themselves finally settled into their school/college routines and timetables. New college students no longer find themselves getting lost around a new building before finding their lecture room an hour after the lecture ended. Mater Dei students will have bought their Bibles by this stage and also popped their head inside Veritas! 😉 Students within schools will now have a well established friendship with their new seating partner and all the new stationery bought in anticipation of the new school year has been boasted about, shown off shamelessly and broken in vigorously using their crisp new copybooks. 🙂



For me, I hope October will mean getting the hang of this blogging lark, embracing the new challenges this academic year will most certainly bring and also steering me towards 2013 coming to a close with a positive attitude to see me into 2014. Cheesy and cliche yes; but hey we all need a bit of positivity now and again don’t we? 🙂

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